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Wellll eff

Jun. 17th, 2006 | 12:18 pm
posted by: colormyheart_ in angrymuch

My friend Keith restored and fixed my laptop for me because it kept saying my Windows wasn't genuine.
He saved my documents, but not my folders on my desktop.  Miscommunication.
In other words... I lost all my pictures and all my music.
That was about 300 pictures saved on here.
That was yesterday.
And I'm still pretty pissed. 
Not at Keith.
Just in general.

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(no subject)

May. 18th, 2006 | 09:26 pm
posted by: _dirges in angrymuch

my sister broke my phone because she is a fucking little bitch and i swear i will kill her.

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(no subject)

May. 15th, 2006 | 11:02 pm
mood: crankycranky
posted by: telegram_ in angrymuch

Dear Person,

You're not that funny and you're not that smart and you're not that cute. Actually, you're not  cute at all. Frankly, I find it amazing how you've supposedly dazzled everyone with your pseudo-personality. If I hear one more piece of vapid, inane babble escape your lips I think I might have to kill you, or kill the next retard who is amused by you, or simply kill myself in frustration of living in a world where your bullshit is admired. Just because. Get the fuck over yourself. Stop writing crappy poems about your crappy teenage drama and your crappy teenaged boyfriend with his one eye and mounds of fried, bleached hair. 

Inside the mind tick tocks like a clock
I sit and wait and hope
Love is like a rope, I
Hope he touches me once more
Right there

Pray tell, what the FUCK is that? Seriously, I'd like to know. Better yet, just die, please. 

Oh, and put down the fucking camera. Yes, I'm not exactly an amazing photographer myself but an out of focus picture of your cat's eye taken by what seems to be a camera phone does not constitute as real artistic work. 

See, everything would be fine and dandy if you really were all fabulous and amazing like, if you actually had good reason for this sudden monster ego that just appeared one day, out of the motherfucking blue. But you are in every fucking way ordinary. Unoriginal. Mundane. There are hundreds of girls just like you all across this fucking land, with the same stupid fucking hair and stupid fucking clothes and stupid fucking tiny little brains. SO BITCH DON'T GET GASSED. 

                                                                                                                      Love and kisses, Z.

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(no subject)

Apr. 29th, 2006 | 09:48 am
posted by: _dirges in angrymuch


so, i have this huge group of friends. theres about 16 of us...and everyone is changing. it's so hard to explain.

well, the group is basically bunched up.
theres the guys
the girls
and the kids who are "in" but "out" at the same time. I mean, ive been going in and out of the last two catatgories forever just because i get so sick of them that i stop talking to them for a week.
But okay.
theres about 6 girls, and 6 guys in the girls and guys groups. the guys are changining into asshole scenesters who care more about thier dick getting sucked than actually talking to people theyve known for a while. all they do is talk shit and be bitches...like honestly, i feel like they cause more drama than the girls.
fucking retarded.
yeah, i hope they all fucking get a grip soon.

and the girls, its always drama about whos doing what with what boy and we're always chasing after them...we call them all the time to see what theyre doing, oh wait, I always have to fucking call because everyone tells ME to do it with lame excuses...and they think IM the most annoying...yeah okay cool. idk the girls are really nice but sometimes i think they care wayyy more about themselves then anyone else. or they care about hanging out with the guys more than hanging out with the girls.

it just frustrates me, everyone got so fake, i want new friends, new friends without mullets.

now im off to 6 flags with a carful of them
haha, im so twofaced. :/

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(no subject)

Apr. 29th, 2006 | 01:16 am
posted by: endofera in angrymuch

tell me something..
ex boy friend broke up with me
and pretty much sucked his own dick thinking he was gods
gift to women and then broke into
my lj to see what i was writing about.
most likely thinking he'd flatter himself.

but its not being SO FUCKING MATURE
"girls that fall in love at the
drop of a hat make me giggle."
obviously against me and the guy
im dating now..

why do guys try to fucking flatter themselves???
tell me this.. would ya?

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and you know what..

Apr. 21st, 2006 | 01:59 pm
posted by: endofera in angrymuch

and you know what? i have more to say.
more the bitch about,
but this shit aint about tattoos.
its about Sarah.
thats right, about my best friend.

you know what i cant fucking stand her anymore
i cant stand her
i cant stand how she is
i cant stand how she sounds
her attitude,
her need to be the center of attention
and her obsession with making every boy like her
and getting mad if they dont.

honestly ive actually gotten to the point where i dont want to bring her around my friends because i know she'll try to get with one of them. my childhood best friend whom i talked to everyday, has totally forgot about me, but calls her every night???? WHAT THE FUCK BITCH WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?

she tries to lie to me about who shes slept with,
dude, that bitch had slept with 20 dudes,
i actually wrote them all down the other day, just
to count for sure, HOW DISGUSTING?!?!?

her lies
the fact that i know her so well i can
course her every move..
i hate her sometimes
i resent her
she tells me im selfish, and jealous?
and i think.. YEAH BITCH YOU ARE??

i dont understand she used to be so sweet
so nice and so beautiful and kind
now shes repulsive,
wears 19 lbs of make up everyday,
and bitches about how she has "no one"
and how shes "scared" to up set me
because im the only person she has.

ive had a rough life, but ive never let
it effect me.
shes not rich but her parents do VERY well for themselves.
they are stil together, never fight,
shes litterally NEVER heard her parents even so much as bicker?
she gets new cars, a beautiful place to live
pretty much a free ride doing anything she wants.
... you know those people who cry for attention?
yeah.. thats her

everytime ive ever had so much as a SLIGHT interest
in a dude, she goes for them? she gets with them
and then i develope a freindship with the dude,
and then she shits all over their heart,
and then i cant be their friend anymore, FUCK HER.

she dates my friends and turns them against me..

she tried to get with the love of my 'life'
and thankfully, hes smart enough to think shes trash

shes trash.

i dont want to be friends anymore,
but how do you stop being friends with someoen
that you spend every day with..
i cant even take a break from her...

she gets jealous if i make new friends and dont include her
and then she says she cant make freinds because shes shy and anti social
but she goes out and gets wasted all of the time?
sweeeet duuuude, shes classy.

shes judgmental, and arrogent.

shes jsut down right mean to me.
and then blames it on me.


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Apr. 21st, 2006 | 01:55 pm
posted by: endofera in angrymuch

okay, i work in a tattoo shop,
im apprenticeing to become a tattoo artist,
and it means the world to me.

and ive been digging around the net
looking at tattoos, and styles,
and i came here, onto lj, to look at some
of the tattoo communities,
and of course theres your typical goth ones
and rating communities,
and all that bull shit.

and i know, i know i dont tattoo yet
i know that my opinion doesent matter to
any of those people BUT,
this is my journal, and im going to bitch.

i dont understand people?
and why they do the things they do.
ive only ever posted ONE photo for each
of my tattoos.
i dont want to show them off,
i will admit that when i got my arm done
i was so excited, i couldnt stop looking at it
it is the most amazing and beautiful thing i could
have put on my own body, there for 'I' have the right
to be psyched.
BUT WHAT I DONT UNDERSTAND is why people feel the
need to post photos of the TERRIBLE tattoos all over
the internet.

maybe its because mine are VERY unique.
mine arent something you find on a wall
of a shitty place on the Blv. while you were on vacation.

i hold so so SO much pride in my tattoos,
they truly mean so much to me,
and each time i get one all the goes through my head is:
"whats next!"

why do people get bad tattoos
dont they realize these things will be on their
bodies forever?
i would only put the best on my skin..
i wish i could educate these people.

i hate when i see tattoos on people and KNOW
they will hate it years down the road..

hell i got a fucking star on my back
that i wish i wouldnt have.
the shit is so small i forget its there a lot of times.

another thing, i dont see reasoning on getting things
the size of a quarter.
depending on what it is.
but getting a little tweety bird, thats smaller than my pinkey..

im frustrated,
and i know that the fact that i chose tattooing
as my career, i will have to deal with this all of the time.
i probably wont be the best,
but i will fucking try.

i want to put amazing things on people,
i want to change lives.

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Fuck your mother, this is bullshit.

Apr. 21st, 2006 | 01:15 am
music: the strokes: juicebox
posted by: find_diaspora in angrymuch

Can someone please just fucking shoot me already? I fucking just put 18 bucks in my account, and somehow, I'm in overdraft 4 dollars. Wtf? I have no idea where this comes from. Stupid Paridigm or wtfever takes 90 bucks from me b/c I owe them for several butt-fucks or something... but that was fine... that was why i put the 18 bucks in there, to be back in the positive. Then, for whatever reason, those fucking bastards at Washington Mutual charge me and overdraft fee for both the paradigm thing, and a fucking frosty from Wendy's. $58 dollars in overdraft, now. Wtf. I hate your fucking mother SOOOO much. Washington Mutal... please die. I also hate my boyfriend... who isblaming me b/c HE's a fucking idiot. He forgot to tell me he needed to pick up some sound equipment from my house and then called to bitch me out b/c I wasn't there. Goddamnit! Why does everyone hate me.


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(no subject)

Apr. 6th, 2006 | 12:18 am
posted by: ex_urgently699 in angrymuch

i hate scene kids.

first off the scene is a music scene. not a fashion trend.
and second wtf you all look so fucking lame.

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i will rip your face off and eat it.

Apr. 1st, 2006 | 04:37 pm
posted by: _dirges in angrymuch

i have this exboyfriend, right? Yeah, i broke up with him after 6 months. haha. the catch is, i never even liked the guy. why'd i stay with him? everyone told me to. and every day that i saw him, i would get so angry i could kill him...sometmes, when he kissed me, i thought of ...biting him. like. really. BITING. him. in the face. i wanted to hurt him.

well, i did.

a few weeks ago i went to go see my best friends new love interest's band. they were pretty good.t he sad thing is, my ex's band was there too. bad. idea.

durring his bands set, it made me angry to look at him. his face...just makes me so mad. i started going off about how much they fucking sucked and how i want to kill them all...and then left to go outside. i come back in, and he starts with me. "FUCK YOU! YOU UGLY BITCH" whoa whoa whoa. me? ugly? compared to his fug-ass girlfriend now? aha. ha. you have to be joking me.

i kinda laughed for a while. because when he was yelling at me, he was so angry. "yeah bitch." i thought "get angry with me. see what happens."

wanna know what happened?

i punched him. right in the face. then i did it again. and again. he ducked over and covered his head. i got behind him and put my hands over his face and scratched his face as hard as i could with my fake nails.

he got up and looked at me with tears in my eyes and a bloody nose and lip.

"i hate you." he said.

i never felt so alive. i never felt so good. i laughed and said "suck my cunt, fakeboy."

and he left. drove. home. and cried to his mommy.

i went home happy. ive never been so happy that i hurt him.

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