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Fuck your mother, this is bullshit.

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Apr. 21st, 2006 | 01:15 am
music: the strokes: juicebox
posted by: find_diaspora in angrymuch

Can someone please just fucking shoot me already? I fucking just put 18 bucks in my account, and somehow, I'm in overdraft 4 dollars. Wtf? I have no idea where this comes from. Stupid Paridigm or wtfever takes 90 bucks from me b/c I owe them for several butt-fucks or something... but that was fine... that was why i put the 18 bucks in there, to be back in the positive. Then, for whatever reason, those fucking bastards at Washington Mutual charge me and overdraft fee for both the paradigm thing, and a fucking frosty from Wendy's. $58 dollars in overdraft, now. Wtf. I hate your fucking mother SOOOO much. Washington Mutal... please die. I also hate my boyfriend... who isblaming me b/c HE's a fucking idiot. He forgot to tell me he needed to pick up some sound equipment from my house and then called to bitch me out b/c I wasn't there. Goddamnit! Why does everyone hate me.


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