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and you know what..

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Apr. 21st, 2006 | 01:59 pm
posted by: endofera in angrymuch

and you know what? i have more to say.
more the bitch about,
but this shit aint about tattoos.
its about Sarah.
thats right, about my best friend.

you know what i cant fucking stand her anymore
i cant stand her
i cant stand how she is
i cant stand how she sounds
her attitude,
her need to be the center of attention
and her obsession with making every boy like her
and getting mad if they dont.

honestly ive actually gotten to the point where i dont want to bring her around my friends because i know she'll try to get with one of them. my childhood best friend whom i talked to everyday, has totally forgot about me, but calls her every night???? WHAT THE FUCK BITCH WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?

she tries to lie to me about who shes slept with,
dude, that bitch had slept with 20 dudes,
i actually wrote them all down the other day, just
to count for sure, HOW DISGUSTING?!?!?

her lies
the fact that i know her so well i can
course her every move..
i hate her sometimes
i resent her
she tells me im selfish, and jealous?
and i think.. YEAH BITCH YOU ARE??

i dont understand she used to be so sweet
so nice and so beautiful and kind
now shes repulsive,
wears 19 lbs of make up everyday,
and bitches about how she has "no one"
and how shes "scared" to up set me
because im the only person she has.

ive had a rough life, but ive never let
it effect me.
shes not rich but her parents do VERY well for themselves.
they are stil together, never fight,
shes litterally NEVER heard her parents even so much as bicker?
she gets new cars, a beautiful place to live
pretty much a free ride doing anything she wants.
... you know those people who cry for attention?
yeah.. thats her

everytime ive ever had so much as a SLIGHT interest
in a dude, she goes for them? she gets with them
and then i develope a freindship with the dude,
and then she shits all over their heart,
and then i cant be their friend anymore, FUCK HER.

she dates my friends and turns them against me..

she tried to get with the love of my 'life'
and thankfully, hes smart enough to think shes trash

shes trash.

i dont want to be friends anymore,
but how do you stop being friends with someoen
that you spend every day with..
i cant even take a break from her...

she gets jealous if i make new friends and dont include her
and then she says she cant make freinds because shes shy and anti social
but she goes out and gets wasted all of the time?
sweeeet duuuude, shes classy.

shes judgmental, and arrogent.

shes jsut down right mean to me.
and then blames it on me.


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(no subject)

from: mindlessdork
date: Apr. 29th, 2006 03:07 am (UTC)

Slug the greasy disco ball (DRC referanceeee) in the face. Though the pounds of crusty make-up on her face might repel your fist. In which case, try the foot-up-her-fat-ass bit.

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(no subject)

from: balink
date: Aug. 21st, 2007 06:31 pm (UTC)

I used to have a best friend like that. We never referred to each other as one another's "best friend" because we just didn't seem to fit that, although we were, but we called it "special" because our relationship was a strange one in many respects. Many times I tried to break it off but she was basically all I had so I always had a hard time doing so, of really letting go. Two years ago though, I moved to a new school and met new people, making it easier to really fully go through with disconnecting with her. (Shallow, yes, I am. NBD.) I was harsh and I told her what I thought of her, holding back nothing. She begged me to give her another chance, went on about how she needed me and shit, and it just sounded so bullshit to me just like everything else about her.

Now I only talk to her every once in a while, and I'll admit I rather like it. It's good this way, us only being acquaintances. I just couldn't really handle being so close to her; I'm very low-key, and she's just very not. Sometimes I liked it, but most of the time I despised how over the top she was and how she incorporated it into her being and everything she did and how she was and it was just so bullshit I couldn't deal.

Ah, that wasn't very interesting.

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