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Apr. 21st, 2006 | 01:55 pm
posted by: endofera in angrymuch

okay, i work in a tattoo shop,
im apprenticeing to become a tattoo artist,
and it means the world to me.

and ive been digging around the net
looking at tattoos, and styles,
and i came here, onto lj, to look at some
of the tattoo communities,
and of course theres your typical goth ones
and rating communities,
and all that bull shit.

and i know, i know i dont tattoo yet
i know that my opinion doesent matter to
any of those people BUT,
this is my journal, and im going to bitch.

i dont understand people?
and why they do the things they do.
ive only ever posted ONE photo for each
of my tattoos.
i dont want to show them off,
i will admit that when i got my arm done
i was so excited, i couldnt stop looking at it
it is the most amazing and beautiful thing i could
have put on my own body, there for 'I' have the right
to be psyched.
BUT WHAT I DONT UNDERSTAND is why people feel the
need to post photos of the TERRIBLE tattoos all over
the internet.

maybe its because mine are VERY unique.
mine arent something you find on a wall
of a shitty place on the Blv. while you were on vacation.

i hold so so SO much pride in my tattoos,
they truly mean so much to me,
and each time i get one all the goes through my head is:
"whats next!"

why do people get bad tattoos
dont they realize these things will be on their
bodies forever?
i would only put the best on my skin..
i wish i could educate these people.

i hate when i see tattoos on people and KNOW
they will hate it years down the road..

hell i got a fucking star on my back
that i wish i wouldnt have.
the shit is so small i forget its there a lot of times.

another thing, i dont see reasoning on getting things
the size of a quarter.
depending on what it is.
but getting a little tweety bird, thats smaller than my pinkey..

im frustrated,
and i know that the fact that i chose tattooing
as my career, i will have to deal with this all of the time.
i probably wont be the best,
but i will fucking try.

i want to put amazing things on people,
i want to change lives.

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Comments {2}


from: anonymous
date: Apr. 22nd, 2006 03:47 am (UTC)

hi , i'm also a apprentice in a tattoo shop , and i totaly dig what you are saying , its so freaking true. and by the way if you want to talk about tattoo styles and stuff like that here's my email:


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from: mindlessdork
date: Apr. 29th, 2006 03:05 am (UTC)

I hate it when people get shitty tattoos just so they have one. And I hate it more when they get something that COULD be really great but they get it at a fucking trashy place and it looks fuck.
I told my friend about the list of tattoos I want (I have reasons for each and every single one, even reasons for specific placement, colors, etc.) and she was like "Well, you should make sure that you really want them because you're going to be stuck with them forever," (like I don't know that? I've put years of thought into creating ideas in my head. And I know a fuck lot more about tattoos than this twit.) just because my list was, like seven tattoos long. And she (greasy-head girl from my post) wants a bird on her ribcage because...oh, she has no purpose for it.
You sound passionate about this. You can tattoo me one day.

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