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Apr. 29th, 2006 | 09:48 am
posted by: _dirges in angrymuch


so, i have this huge group of friends. theres about 16 of us...and everyone is changing. it's so hard to explain.

well, the group is basically bunched up.
theres the guys
the girls
and the kids who are "in" but "out" at the same time. I mean, ive been going in and out of the last two catatgories forever just because i get so sick of them that i stop talking to them for a week.
But okay.
theres about 6 girls, and 6 guys in the girls and guys groups. the guys are changining into asshole scenesters who care more about thier dick getting sucked than actually talking to people theyve known for a while. all they do is talk shit and be bitches...like honestly, i feel like they cause more drama than the girls.
fucking retarded.
yeah, i hope they all fucking get a grip soon.

and the girls, its always drama about whos doing what with what boy and we're always chasing after them...we call them all the time to see what theyre doing, oh wait, I always have to fucking call because everyone tells ME to do it with lame excuses...and they think IM the most annoying...yeah okay cool. idk the girls are really nice but sometimes i think they care wayyy more about themselves then anyone else. or they care about hanging out with the guys more than hanging out with the girls.

it just frustrates me, everyone got so fake, i want new friends, new friends without mullets.

now im off to 6 flags with a carful of them
haha, im so twofaced. :/

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(no subject)

from: telegram_
date: May. 16th, 2006 03:22 am (UTC)

Mad Drama.

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