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anger is overwhelming so get it out..
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this community is basically for anyone who's having problems in their lives but you feel like there's no one who will actually listen or understand your unique situation. amazingly, i've found out that there are always similarities to everyone's problems and issues whether you'd like to believe it or not. so bitch about shit and just get it out there. the things you've done in result of your anger, whatever you'd like. if it's anger-related and whatnot then just perfect. share away.

post anything from photos, stories, questions or whathefuckever.
it's all about releasing all your anger and turning it into verbal creativity or even digital or anything! there's no limit to what you can do, especially when given the right push. i don't mean go out and murder someone either and then take photos! i know, i know. i've thought about it too but no. bad idea.

most of all, i hope this community helps people. even if it's just a little.